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Mobile is dyin so im off i’ll be on to do what I said I would at I dunno later I guess.

I should have difrent verses to this boob so I can talk to people in the other two fandoms i’m in. Make icons. Cry as I think about making another blog and delete Izaya for Masamune Date like the jerk i am. Dunno.

Must fix all links and add a song. Get new rp’s started and pick a theme for the ships page. Bullshit some rules. Later though. No two songs. Same for the new blog. But I ish on mobile right now so I no have to care about that right now jes.

I have to go today so if anyone would like a starter then send an ask and what type you would like it to be. 

miss-to-oh replied to your post:Theme…
ooc:// PERFECT!

Thank you, thank you~!

Theme is done how is it? I must know before I jump to the other blog and bullshit a reply.

THEME CHANGE~! Maybe that will wake up mah muse.

miss-to-oh replied to your post:I’m so…
ooc:// I almost forgot this blog existed! XDD (nah jk jk)

I know I did. Oh sweet jesus. I make to many then lose them all. I’m just so bad at keeping them alive and don’t wanna delete cause then i’ll miss them. Not my AOT blog though thank god that ones gone I mean it had the most folowers i’ve ever had but man did i hate it.

Nevermind. sternritterdiehitze is the semi active blog I have and im on the new one at the moment. So yeah. Bleach is good. I like Black Blood Brothers.

I’m so bad at keeping my blogs alive I should just give them all away. Ig blogs were puppies all mine would be dead. All but like three so 3/7 would be okay. I dunno. Anyone up for an rp? I mean the drafts have been there for over a month. I am trash. Whoops.